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The on-site storage situation requires new buildings

On its premises, KTE operates storage facilities for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste. The storage capacities have been increased several times since the late 1970s and are now virtually exhausted. This is because the planned Schacht Konrad final repository is not in operation yet. To allow dismantling work at the company’s premises to continue, capacities for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste will need to be further expanded.

To this end, two new buildings are to be constructed by 2020, increasing the on-site storage capacity for the radioactive waste that is produced during the dismantling process to nearly 100,000 cubic metres.
The first of the two construction projects – storage facility L566, in which intermediate-level radioactive waste will later be stored – was built first. After preparatory work began in August 2016 and the excavation pit was subsequently stabilized, concrete pouring was able to commence once the required permits had been received in the spring of 2017. The building shell of L566 was completed in March 2018, since which time interior work has been underway. Plastering and painting work was carried out in the building.

Crane rails, ventilation components, doors and gates were fitted. In early 2019, work began on assembling large-scale equipment such as a drum manipulator and a wall-mounted slewing jib crane.
The second new building – building L567 – will contain the logistical facilities necessary for the transfer of the nuclear waste to Konrad, as well as a storage area for ready final repository waste packages. Approval for the construction of this building was received in late 2017.  June 2018 saw work on the building shell of L567 begin. The 1.50m thick floor slab was completed on schedule in October 2018. The building shell of L567 was completed in May 2019, since which time interior work has been underway.  The building will be 117 m long, 23 m wide and 22 m high. 

On a regular basis, KTE will report here on the achievement of important project milestones and on the ongoing progress of construction.

Your opinion is important to us

Within the context of the construction projects designed to increase our on-site storage capacities for low- and intermediate-level radioactive waste, we at KTE have entered into an ongoing dialogue. The information process that we have initiated will be continued. KTE will provide continuous updates on this website, in the official gazettes of the local communities and in the regional media to keep all interested parties informed about the progress of the planned construction projects.



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