[Translate to English:] Mehrzweckforschungsreaktor

Multi-purpose research reactor MZFR

The multi-purpose research reactor, or MZFR for short, was a heavy-water-cooled pressurized water reactor with 57 MW of electrical power. In almost 19 years of operation, extensive experience of operating heavy-water reactor systems was acquired at the MZFR. The facility was used for supplying the research centre with power and district heating. The MZFR was finally taken out of service in 1984. It has been undergoing dismantling since 1987 and is KTE’s most advanced dismantling project.

Wir setzen Maßstäbe.
Mit Sicherheit.

Tasks still to be completed:

  • removal, crushing and disposal of the remaining tritium-contaminated concrete from the biological shield
  • dismantling of the remaining operational Systems
  • installation of ventilation and electrotechnical replacement systems
  • separation of the individual buildings with respect to their supply and auxiliary systems
  • remaining activities to fully demolish the stack
  • complete decontamination of all building structures
  • comprehensive radiological measurements to prove that the required radiological clearance values have been met on all building structures

Only then can the buildings be released from the requirements of the German Atomic Energy Act and demolished by conventional means. The site’s recultivation will mark the end of the “MZFR dismantling project”.